Hairstyle business name ideas Hairstyle business name ideas

175 Good Hair Business Name Ideas

Did you know 90% of consumers say a business’s name is a critical factor in their decision-making process? If you’re setting up a hair business, your name can be a game-changer.

It’s not just about being catchy; your name has to capture your brand’s essence and appeal to your target audience.

Here are some good hairstyle business name ideas that you might want to consider.

Remember, the name you choose could be the difference between being another forgettable business and becoming a household name.

Good Name Ideas For A Hair Business

1. Tress Tranquility

2. Locks Luxury

3. Strand Studio

4. Mane Muse

5. Coiffure Couture

6. Follicle Fantasy

7. Glamour Grove

8. Shear Shine

9. Style Strands

10. Crown Crafters

11. Luscious Locks

12. Hair Haven

13. Wisp Whispers

14. Braid Bliss

15. Silken Styles

16. Curls Corner

17. Tangle Tamer

18. Plait Panache

19. Glossy Glam

20. Hair Harmony

21. Sleek Studio

22. Twist Trends

23. Velvet Vines Hair

24. Wave Whisperer

25. Curl Creatives

26. Strands Symphony

27. Mane Majesty

28. Tress Trends

29. Braid Bay

30. Silhouette Shears

31. Allure Artisans

32. Serene Strands

33. Chic Chignons

34. Locks Legacy

35. Style Sorcery

36. Coif Castle

37. Enchanting Ends

38. Follicle Finesse

39. Glimmering Gloss

40. Tress Tranquility

41. Swirl Savvy

42. Ripple Radiance

43. Elegance Edges

44. Mystic Manes

45. Whirlwind Waves

46. Hair Heaven

47. Curl Castle

48. Shear Serendipity

49. Mane Mirage

50. Locks Labyrinth

51. Style Sanctum

52. Braid Boutique

53. Tangle Treasures

54. Silky Strands

55. Glossy Grove

56. Coiffure Castle

57. Twist Triumph

58. Velvet Veil Hair

59. Wave Wonders

60. Curl Charisma

61. Strand Symphony

62. Mane Marvel

63. Tress Triumph

64. Braid Bliss

65. Shear Symphony

66. Allure Artists

67. Serene Shears

68. Chic Curls

69. Locks Lounge

70. Style Sages

71. Coif Cottage

72. Enchanting Elegance

73. Follicle Flourish

74. Glimmering Glam

75. Tress Temptations

76. Swirl Sanctuary

77. Ripple Radiance

78. Elegance Essence

79. Mystic Manes

80. Whirlwind Whispers

81. Hair Haven

82. Curl Couture

83. Shear Sensations

84. Mane Mystique

85. Locks Legacy

86. Style Spectrum

87. Braid Bar

88. Tangle Trends

89. Silky Swirls

90. Glossy Glamour

91. Coiffure Courtyard

92. Twist Terrace

93. Velvet Vogue Hair

94. Wave Whispers

95. Curl Creations

96. Strand Serenity

97. Mane Majesty

98. Tress Treasures

99. Braid Brilliance

100. Shear Splendor

101. Alluring Angles

102. Serene Strands

103. Chic Coiffure

104. Locks Lure

105. Style Sanctuary

106. Coif Charms

107. Enchanting Elements

108. Follicle Fusion

109. Glimmering Grace

110. Tress Tales

111. Swirl Studio

112. Ripple Rhapsody

113. Elegance Echo

114. Mystic Manes

115. Whirlwind Wonders

116. Hair Horizon

117. Curl Canopy

118. Shear Secret

119. Mane Mirage

120. Locks Lore

121. Style Suite

122. Braid Bungalow

123. Tangle Tranquility

124. Silky Sanctuary

125. Glossy Gallery

126. Coiffure Cove

127. Twist Temple

128. Velvet Vortex Hair

129. Wave Whisper

130. Curl Canvas

131. Strand Sanctuary

132. Mane Monarch

133. Tress Temple

134. Braid Bliss

135. Shear Serenity

136. Allure Atelier

137. Serene Stylings

138. Chic Cuts

139. Locks Legend

140. Style Studio

141. Coif Corner

142. Enchanting Enclave

143. Follicle Fantasy

144. Glimmering Garden

145. Tress Terrain

146. Swirl Spa

147. Ripple Realm

148. Elegance Enigma

149. Mystic Manes

150. Whirlwind Wonders

151. Hair Harmony

152. Curl Crown

153. Shear Shimmer

154. Mane Majesty

155. Locks Lagoon

156. Style Sanctuary

157. Braid Bliss

158. Tangle Tranquility

159. Silky Serenity

160. Glossy Glade

161. Coiffure Courtyard

162. Twist Tower

163. Velvet Verge Hair

164. Wave Waltz

165. Curl Crown

166. Strand Symphony

167. Mane Marvel

168. Tress Treasury

169. Braid Boutique

170. Shear Splendor

171. Allure Avenue

172. Serene Shears

173. Chic Curls

174. Locks Lounge

175. Style Sanctum

The Importance Of Picking A Great Name For Your Hair Business

While you might think the quality of your services is all that matters, choosing a great name for your hair styling business is just as crucial, as it can significantly influence your success. A good name can attract customers, setting your brand apart from the competition. It’s not just about being catchy; it’s about establishing a strong brand identity.

Think of it this way: your business name is your customers’ first impression of your brand. If it’s not compelling or memorable, they might forget about your services, no matter how good they are. On the other hand, a well-thought-out name can convey professionalism and credibility. It tells your customers that you’re serious about what you do.

But what makes a name good? It should be easy to remember and pronounce. It should reflect your business’s identity and the services you offer. It should also be unique to stand out in the market. Remember, you’re not just choosing a name; you’re creating a brand.

The best names are those that resonate with your target audience. They should understand what your business is about just by hearing or seeing your name. It’s a powerful tool for customer attraction and retention.

Tips For Picking A Good Hairstyle Business Name

You’ll find several essential tips to consider when picking a good name for your hair business.

A catchy, unique name can set you apart from the competition and attract your ideal customers. It’s the first step in creating a memorable brand, so you’ll want to choose wisely.

First, keep it simple. A short and straightforward name is more likely to stick in people’s minds. This means avoiding complicated words or phrases that could confuse potential customers. Think about some of the most famous brands in the world – they’re usually one or two syllables and easy to pronounce.

Second, ensure your name reflects your brand. It should align with the image and values you want your business to portray. If your salon specializes in natural, organic products, for instance, you might want a name that evokes images of nature or purity.

Third, consider your target audience. What kind of names would resonate with them? If you’re targeting young, trendy individuals, you might opt for a hip, modern name. On the other hand, if your clientele is more mature, a classic, elegant name might be a better fit.

Fourth, be unique. Your name should stand out and not be easily confused with existing brands. It’s worth doing a quick Google search to ensure your chosen name isn’t already taken.


So, you’ve got the goods to name a fantastic hairstyle business. Now, all it takes is the perfect name to get the ball rolling.

Remember, it’s all about reflecting your brand, appealing to your target audience, and staying unique. Do your research, test out your favorites, and make sure your choice is ready for long-term growth.

A well-chosen name isn’t just a label, it’s the first step to success.

Happy naming!